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Eyula Digital Agency is located in Turkey. We develop our own startup projects. Also provide service of SEO, mobile games and various web development works.


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What Do We Provide?

Websites & Web Development

If you have your own business and you haven’t got your own website yet. That means you’re right on the path. If you want to improve or perhaps to recreate your old website. Then all you need is just contacting us, so we’re pleased to help you.

Mobile Games & Applications

If you need a game or an application to promote your brand or for other purposes. Then you’ve knocked the right door. Just contact us & you’ll get whatever you need.

Animation Technology

Would you like to have a brief animation film to explain about your products and your company in a simple way that everyone can understand rather than writing too many pages. Or showing too many pictures and wasting too much time? Go ahead and contact us.

Digital Marketing Strategies

If you would like to have your products Marketed globally. Eyula Digital Agency is the right solution. We make advertisements in many languages like English, Turkish, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

Automatic Speech Recognition

We’ve got the technology of Speech & Voice Recognition in turkish and many other languages. We’ve got also our researches and development projects about this technology. For more details all you have to do is contacting us.

SEO Service

You’re providing high quality services but no one knows about it because of the crowded pages on the internet. So you want your websie to be always on the top. Eyula digital agency is your solution, with us your business is just right as you wish.

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